About me

​I am a 5th-year PhD candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology, and Research Scientist in NVIDIA. My advisor is Prof. Yongxin Chen. Before this, I got my Bachelor degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU).

My current research interest centers on the controllable generation within the field of generative AI.

Here is my CV.

Recent updates

  • May 2024: I started as a Research Scientist in NVIDIA!

  • March 2024: As part of my internship in NVIDIA, we collaborate with Refik Anadol Studio and fine-tune the Getty Images foundation model using their real nature data. The generated images will be shown on GTC 2024!

  • Sep. 2023: The code for our UAI 2023 paper “Generating Synthetic Datasets by Interpolating along Generalized Geodesics” is published on GitHub!
  • June 2023: The paper “Neural Monge Map estimation and its applications” gets accepted by TMLR 2023 with feature certificate!

  • May 2023: The papers “Improved dimension dependence of a proximal algorithm for sampling” and “On a Class of Gibbs Sampling over Networks” get accepted by COLT 2023!

  • May 2023: The paper “Generating Synthetic Datasets by Interpolating along Generalized Geodesics” gets accepted by UAI 2023!

  • Oct 2022: I am selected as the Neurips 2022 Top Reviewer!

  • May 2022: The paper Variational Wasserstein gradient flow gets accepted by ICML 2022! The code is also published on github.